Channeling Your Warrior Spirit

Bullets flying by, sweat dripping down his back, soaking his socks, dehydrated, running into the fight, lives depending on him, they were all at risk. His purpose was clear: He was on mission. He would do whatever was asked of him. He would not acknowledge the fear, only the goal. He would not ask why him, why now? He would only show up and give everything he had. This was my husband. Not for days, not for months, but for YEARS on end.

Let’s read that again, changing a few words. Does it become a picture of your life, times in your life, or the life of someone you know? Attacks coming in, the spirit trembles, there is a physical presence of impending doom, thirsting for knowledge of how it turns out. Mental and emotional exhaustion turns into a physical ache. Trepidation rises in preparation of the fight. Lives may change and lives may end. The risk is great. Do not ask why or how. Draw your sword of faith. You have a purpose: You are on mission. Show up; give all you have, end with your faith in tact.

This life, this mission, doesn’t last forever. It is temporary. You will look back realizing the mission was short even when the run felt long. You will be scarred. You will be forever changed. You will be better for having fought.

Your duty is to God. He is the Commander and He, being better than anything or anyone on earth, loves you regardless of your shortcomings, missteps and regrets. He, being better than anything or anyone on earth, has prepared you for spiritual battle. He, being better than anything or anyone on earth, rewards your willingness to stay in the fight, with experience, wisdom and eventually a peace that transcends your surroundings.


Your God has prepared you, warrior. He will not leave you.


Give time, time. Time is irrelevant to the soul. It’s the showing up and the importance of honoring the time to recover that truly matters. It may take days, it may take months, and it may take years for each battle to fully settle.


You will need help. You will need love. You will need sleep. You will need to find joy in the simple things… a walk in nature, a quiet sacred space, you will need to have the courage to let your inner child play at something it hasn’t experienced in a long time. You WILL get better. You WILL feel like yourself again. There WILL be softness and joy again.


Someone out there needs to know they can make it through their battle. Someone needs to see living proof that it is possible, through you. This is your lasting impact. You will inspire others in ways you will never know this side of heaven.


Pray. Ask God what He is asking of you. Do not ask why. Do not be afraid. Show up. Do it for those who aren’t here anymore to do it themselves. Do it for God. Do it for the warrior spirit in you just waiting to be awakened. You’ve got this, warrior! With God, you’ve got this!!



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Nicole Carroll

Bless you Gaya. Those were words I needed to hear today. Thank you.

Jeri Haag

God works through you Taya. Just reading all of the comments people leave when you write is proof. It seems as if you are speaking directly to me. It is very moving! Thank you so much for using your platform to shed light on this dark world. You are truly an inspiration 🖤🇺🇸

Scarlett Fowler

You are such an inspiration and I am so grateful that you put yourself out there to help others! Quick question-will the dogtags that were available earlier this spring become available again-I so wanted one and was just to slow in ordering..God Bless you and your family.

Patti Adams

You never fail to inspire me with what you pour out. Thank you sister in Christ. Keep fighting the good fight and putting those thoughts to paper. We need them at a time such as this.

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