About Us

The Meaning Behind Our Logo

God has told us, He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the beginning and the end. The Warrior Collections logo represents God, the beginning (backward B) and end (forward facing against the B). This life, this mission, is represented by the cross in the middle connecting the B and E. It is a reminder that no one, even the most perfect among us, no one... gets out of this life without great suffering. The cross descends into the tip of the sword. If we are to survive this life, this mission, we must have a warrior spirit.

There are times in life, where you not only feel God working, you see Him in the details.

This is one of those stories.

It starts with two women, growing up in different states, in different times. Both are fast-paced and adventurous, coming into the world with zest and a desire to take it all on with their own unique flair. They grew up wild and free, with a heart for God. And life does, what life does to all of us. It threat- ens to take their joy, it threatens to beat down goodness.

They protect their hearts, they let their hearts break. They wonder if they will survive.... And they do. Each time that sword they were born with - the one holding their strength and desire to take on the world with a fire all their own - gets sharpened. It, and they, get stronger as God forges them.

A Chance Encounter

They meet in 2019 by a “chance encounter” that neither believes is actually “chance”. They know it is God. They share their fire and passion. One has a jewelry business and one has a foundation serving military and first responders. Within an hour of meeting, the Warrior Collection takes flight.

Angela Blair is a woman who stands by her beliefs and principles, unapologetically and gracefully. She is strong as steel and has a heart for helping others. Taya Kyle is a woman who has endured much and come out stronger with a desire to help others do the same. Both women know, it was God who brought them here and God who will bring others through.

American Sniper

In 2020, Angela and Taya are bringing Warrior Collections to the world in memory of a well-known warrior - Taya’s husband -commonly known as 'American Sniper', Chris Kyle.

Chris was not only a warrior on the battlefield, he was a warrior in life for his family, his friends and those who served. His spirit is represented in the first piece Warrior Collections launched on Memorial Day 2020. 

A Call to Action

This life is but a mission. Who will you be? Will you be a warrior? Will you look at this life as a vapor, a moment in eternity? Will you take rest in the knowledge you have the great “I am” commanding the war, winning it all in the beginning and end? If so, you have nothing to fear. Wear the Warrior Collection as a symbol, a reminder of whose you are, and what battle you fight. Yours is a spiritual battle, just like ours. Stand strong friends. Together, with God, we can do anything.

Blessed to be in the fight with you.

Warrior on,
Angela and Taya