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Warrior Collections was first launched to the world on Memorial Day 2020 in memory of a well-known warrior - American Sniper - Chris Kyle. Chris was not only a warrior on the battlefield, but a warrior in life. His wife Taya learned about the necessity of having a warrior spirit in her life with Chris and following his murder.

The mission of this line is to awaken the warrior spirit in all people... We aren’t just living a life, we are here on a mission to make a difference for God. Our life story is our mission lived out on earth. It's time to awaken the warrior within you.

The Inspiration

There are times in life, where you not only feel God working, you see Him in the details. This is one of those stories.

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Warrior Stories by Taya Kyle

A Warrior

How we define a warrior

When you hear the word “warrior” what comes to mind? A hero? A soldier? A fighter? Someone willing to take a stand? Maybe you are thinking of you...

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Are there Gifts in Grief?

Are there Gifts in Grief?

Grief, to me, is the soulful ache that comes from an expanse of emptiness we feel when we have lost something… someone, we cannot get back.

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